Success comes naturally once you let go of wrong beliefs

Success comes naturally once you let go of wrong beliefs

Success comes naturally once you let go of wrong beliefs

I've worked with dozens of creative studios in Europe and the US. From boutique studios to major players in the game. The results are always the same; studios become the obvious choice to their dream clients. 

We didn’t expect much from coaching

»Operating out of Chișinău Moldova, we wanted to break into the U.S. market. As part of the RevThink team, Marko helped us to win high-ticket clients in the US market.«

We weren’t sure if Marko's a good fit

»Within 30 minutes, Marko helped us to overcome a major roadblock that was holding us back from getting to the next level.« 

»Within 30 minutes, Marko helped us to overcome a major roadblock that was holding us back from getting to the next level.« 

Surely, this won’t work in our market

»That’s what I thought. But Marko’s ideas worked. It became obvious why our studio was stuck and how his concepts would help us to grow our business.« 

All we needed to take control of our business

»In his workshop, Marko not only explained how we could win dream clients in a simple and repeatable way, but we also ended up with a new way to talk to dream clients.«

Why trust Marko Pfann?

Why trust Marko Pfann?


A designer that started and ran creative studios, and won top-notch creative awards.

A studio owner, turned business coach simplifing sales, marketing and business for creative studio owners so they can win their dream clients.  

My work received 20+ top design awards, has been featured in magazines and on Motionographer.

In 2011, I co-started a fast-growing motion design studio. An instant hit; we became the lead agency to Germanys #1 tv-station, "Das Erste". We were trusted to rebrand 50+ tv-stations from "Astro" accross Asia. We rebranded Chinas global tv-network, "CGTN" and Omans national television called "Oman TV".

My coaching career kickstarted in 2015 after I sold my shares and helped a fellow studio owner to win, produce and manage the global launch of RedBull TV.

Working for RevThink, the US based creative consultancy, I spent two years studying the intersection of selling and creativity from an in-depth perspective.

Today, I coach studio owners in the U.S. and Europe the secrets to win dream clients. I draw on my experience from selling succesfully to high-ticket clients for 13+ years. 

In addition, I serve as a mentor at the RMIT University of Melbourne, Australia.

Tv-networks and brands from around the world that I've worked with as a creative and studio owner. Aka my dream clients that I served on an executive level.


Praise from dream clients


Rebranding 50 tv-channels at once

»I met Marko at his previous company which we had hired to do an overall brand review of our platform (and over 50 channels) in Malaysia. My team and I were very impressed at how Marko seemed to get exactly what we were after right from the start.«

Rob Middleton — VP Network Presentation Astro, Malaysia

Exploring the future of virtual television

»We needed to set the client apart from everything else that was out there or even yet to come. We gave Marko and the team very little by way of a brief, and even less by way of time to complete the job. The job was done, exceeding our expectations.«

Cyba Audi — Founder of Saba Consultants, Dubai UAE
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