To win dream clients — without selling out.


Dream clients will only call IF you have something unique to offer and know how to sell it.

My approach is to focus your studio around a unique positioning and tell your authentic story in a launch campaign. 

Available Options

Studio Audit

My expertise in a compact, full-day workshop: We analyze your studio, look at your problems, and come up with a strategy to fix them.

Dream Client Sprint

We spend 6 weeks together and do these 4 things: We refocus your business around a unique offer in a 2-day workshop. We craft authentic messages, put them into a narrative, and rewrite your website. I teach a simple outreach process to get in front of decision-makers, and you'll master the 4 sales conversations.

Launch Campaign

We spend 3 months together and do the following: We create a compelling lead content around your studios' core message. We'll build a launch team of peers and clients and set up a semiautomated funnel as your 24/7 sales machine. We execute the campaigns via paid ads or life appearances.

You hire me to represent your studio as a sales rep — A done for you solution. I'll find and win dream clients as part of your team, and build your internal process.

Coaching building blocks


Personality — We'll reveal your studios' unique identity and articulate it via a compelling anthem.


Offer — We'll focus your business by framing an irresistible offer around your unique personality.


Message — Clarity aligns your team and is compelling to dream clients. We create all relevant messages and presentations. 


Presentation — Let's tell the story. We'll structure all messages into a compelling credential deck or your website.


Outreach — I'll teach you how to reach out to dream clients organically and get in front of decision-makers when you need it.


Sales talks — Learn secrets to validate leads, sell in first meetings, write winning proposals, and negotiate like a pro. 

Upcoming workshops

03+04.12.19 — London (private workshop)
12.12.19 — Nuremberg (private workshop)
16.12.19 — Munich (open workshop)
18+19.12.19 — Zurich (private workshop)
20.12.19  — Munich (private workshop)

17.01.20 — Nuremberg (private workshop)
21.01.20 — Munich (private workshop)
22+23.01.20 — Zurich (private workshop)
28+30.01.20 — Berlin (private workshop)
30+31.01.20 — Berlin (private workshop)

11.02.20 — Hamburg (private workshop)
12+13.02.20 — Hamburg (private workshop)
25+26.02.20 — Colone (private workshop)

10+11.02.20 — Berlin (private workshop)
tba — Munich (private workshop)
tba — Zurich (private workshop)

tba — London (private workshop)

tba — Tegernsee (open 3-day workshop)

Ready to try something different?
— If you believe I can help you to win this game, then yes, let's talk.

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