To win dream clients — without selling out.


Dream clients will only call IF you have something unique to offer and know how to communicate its value.

My approach is to focus your studio around a unique perspective, tell your authentic story, and expand your reach via ad campaigns.


  • Attract dream clients with clarity

  • Position to be recognized as an investment

  • Be trusted with bigger budgets to produce brilliant work

  • Commitment to evolve

  • Generate your own opportunities

  • Gain the courage to take action that matter



Week 1: How do you stand out amongst the competition? — A coaching workshop to find focus, reveal personality and commit to your unique perspective.


Week 2: How do you attract epic projects? — Advice on how to streamline your services into an offer clients want.


Weeks 3-5: How do you present your studio? — Creation period to craft the 9 key messages and narrate them into a storyline for your website or a pitch-video.


Week 6: How do you get meetings with decision-makers? — Outreach training to get your first meetings with decision makers & test your new positioning.


Week 7: How do you sell to high-ticket clients? — Trainings to teach you selling & negotiating for high-ticket opportunities; confidently leading clients through the sale.


Weeks 8-12: How do you run ads as a service business? — Paid ads management + an automated online video-funnel set-up that attracts, converts, and qualifies clients.



Get started — My expertise in a compact, full-day workshop: We analyze your studio, reveal your blindspots, and come up with a solid strategy to fix them.


Quick results — We spend 7 weeks together and do the first 7 steps of the program. You'll end up with a new positioning, an exclusive offer that makes clients want what you have and a long-term strategy to win dream clients and build your studio.


Long-term solution — We spend 3 months together and cover the full program. You'll end up with a new website, a clear message, and your story in a compelling video. We'll build & launch an automated funnel as your 24/7 sales machine, and run campaigns via paid ads, emails or live appearances.

Upcoming workshops


03+04.12.19 — London (private workshop)
12.12.19 — Nuremberg (private workshop)
16.12.19 — Munich (open workshop)
18+19.12.19 — Zurich (private workshop)
20.12.19  — Munich (private workshop)


17.01.20 — Nuremberg (private workshop)
21.01.20 — Munich (private workshop)
22+23.01.20 — Zurich (private workshop)
28+30.01.20 — Berlin (private workshop)
30+31.01.20 — Berlin (private workshop)


11.02.20 — Hamburg (private workshop)
12+13.02.20 — Hamburg (private workshop)
25+26.02.20 — Colone (private workshop)

March — July

— postponed —


Tegernsee (2-day workshop) get invited

Ready to try something that actually works?
— If you want me to help you win this game, then yes, let's talk.

Reach out via LinkedIn if you want to pick my brain over a beer or a cup of coffee. 
March – July
— postponed —
Tegernsee (2-day workshop) get invited
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