Is your studio lacking consistency?

You're either too busy to think straight, or you're wondering where the next job might come from. It's called the Feast-or-Famine Cycle. I'll get you out of it. 

Are you wasting money on sales representatives?

Having trouble finding someone that knows the industry but is also good at selling. What if I'd tell you that we can teach your intern to become an A-class salesperson?

Tired of taking big risks just to keep afloat? 

Relying on pitches or even referrals is a risky strategy. It's outside your control. Learn how to accomplish more with less risk, even competing against industry heavyweights.

Why me?

Why should you trust my expertise?


Because I've been there, and I've succeeded.

I'm a former studio owner and a highly decorated creative that turned sales-rep, coaching leading creative studios. 

My work received 20+ top design awards, has been featured in magazines and industry-specific blogs like Motionographer.

After freelancing and traveling the world for a decade I co-started a fast-growing motion design studio in 2011. An instant hit; we became the lead agency to Germanys #1 tv-station, "Das Erste". We were trusted to rebrand 50+ tv-stations from "Astro" accross Asia. We rebranded Chinas global tv-network, "CGTN" and Omans national television called "Oman TV".

Always striving for more, I sold my shares and challenged myself into a new career. I started coaching studios and soon helped a fellow business owner, to win, produce and manage the global launch of RedBull TV.

Fast forward, to a new start in 2018: Working for RevThink, the US-based creative consultancy, I spent two years studying the intersection of selling and creativity from an in-depth, outside perspective.

Today, I work as a sales rep to leading creative studios. As a side-project, I coach studio owners in the U.S. and Europe the secrets to winning their dream clients, themselves. When coaching, I draw on my personal experience from selling successfully to high-ticket clients for 19+ years. 

Being a firm believer in helping young people achieve their goals, I serve as a mentor at the RMIT University of Melbourne, Australia and teach selling creativity at the Film-Academy in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

I'm simplifying sales, marketing and business for creative studio owners so they're free to win their dream clients.  

Reach out via LinkedIn if you want to pick my brain over a beer or a cup of coffee. 
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