Articles about progress

I write to discover the value of the things I already know.

Just as some ideas are easier introduced in the form of graphics, complex explanations are easier digested in motion. Packs of information can become hugely simplified by showing rather than telling.

4 min read • November 11, 2016 • Edition #3 • First published on Medium

I expect my spouse to understand, my daughter to laugh, to learn and to grow, my friends to support and my clients to challenge me. But most of all, I expect myself to succeed.

2 min read • October 2, 2016 • Edition #2 • First published on Medium

Are you putting your spirit on hold, hoping to be on hand, once you take the time to pursue your dreams? Once you cleared your schedule! Do you believe that this point will come?

4 min read • September 23, 2016 • Edition #1 • First published on Medium