How would it feel to win your next big pitch?

Hi, my name is Marko Pfann.

As a creative director for motion-design and branding, I help tv-networks all over the world to strengthen their branding and focus their positioning.

But more important, I am a consultant at RevThink, where I teach motion-design studios to win high-ticket pitches, improve their reputation, and increase their revenue.

You reach me at +49 176 666 063 50 or via email at
I am located near Munich, Germany.

Why Consulting?

Any successful design studios had their big breakthrough when they won their first important client.

Winning that client will change your future. Still, winning high-ticket clients ain’t easy, and pitches are risky. Changing your studio's future needs to be planned and executed. And you want the insight of someone that knows how to do it and has accomplished it before.

How would it feel to win that next pitch without all the risk, hustle and uncertainty?

A staggering 80% of creative studios lose their pitches due to their lack of positioning or worse, because of it. Not because of their creative output. I help you to nail the pitch and leave a great impression on your dream client.

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Not ready, yet? Well, let's talk about increasing your business when you are ready. In the meantime, sign-up for my newsletter to stay in touch. 

This January, I will be speacking at the CATALYST 2018 | Amsterdam event hosted by /REVTHINK/.