How would it feel to win that next pitch without all the risk, hustle and uncertainty?

Hi, my name is Marko Pfann. As a consultant, I help design studios to get  beyond creative excellence  and reach new levels.

I help Designers

Knowing what clients expect is key to a great portfolio that results in  dream clients. 

I coach  Designers & Developers  to understand what clients want and how to demand their attention. Big brands and great studios look beyond skills and expect their partners to help their business strive. I will teach you to position yourself to be seen by your dream clients. 

I help Studios

Winning that pitch might just be the  overnight success  you were waiting for.

I work with  Studios  to expand their business by winning more and better clients. I help to navigate the obstacles of creative pitches, and get you and your pitch to a higher level, improving your odds of winning.

As a creative director…

…in Branding and Motion Design, I was helping more than 60 tv stations in the last one and a half decades. My work received some 20+ industry awards. Including 11 'PromaxBDA Design Awards,' a 'RedDot Design Award' and three medals at the 'New York Festivals TV & Film Awards.'

As a studio owner…

…I learned what great clients expect from top agencies when I was running my own successful motion design studio. We served as the lead agency for the German #1 national tv-station for many years. At the same time, we assisted the Astro TV Group in Malaysia to undertake a major rebrand with 50+ tv channels, and we also helped CCTV to rebrand their news tv station.

As a consultant…

…I am helping design studios since 2015 to win creative pitches with great results. After selling my studio in 2014, I realized the demand to help other entrepreneurs also becoming successful with their studio. I am now working with creative studios, coaching designers and consulting clients to increase revenue and demand attention from great clients.

I teach a proven process that breaks this cycle and goes beyond attention;  focusing on winning great clients. 

In comparison, most studios limit their success by focusing on getting more attention;  always chasing their tails! 

That is the latest:

I spent the last two years working on the global launch of Red Bull TV as a Consultant and Director to Peter Pedall Design Studio.

Case study is coming, soon.

»My team and I were very impressed at how Marko seemed to get exactly what we were after right from the start. […] It's not easy to please everyone here. I've never succeeded and I've been here several years. Marko did it in a few months.«

Rob Middleton
Vice President Network Presentation
Astro Malaysia

»We gave Marko and the team very little by way of a brief, and even less by way of time to complete the job. The job was done, exceeding our expectations. […] Importantly, Marko's positive attitude and pleasant manner ensured everybody worked together with commitment and passion.«

Cyba Audi
Saba Consultants
Dubai UAE

Are you ready to talk?

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Too early?
Well, let's stay connected.

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This January, I will be speacking at the CATALYST 2018 | Amsterdam event hosted by /REVTHINK/.