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I'm a designer. I've founded and ran creative studios, and won top-notch creative awards as a designer and brand strategist. —A studio owner turned business coach changing the way creatives sell themselves.

I simplify sales, marketing and business for creative studio owners so they can take action winning their dream clients. 🥰🤩🥳 


Educated in Germany, I first found success working in New Zealand and Australia. Within 13 years, I helped to brand more than 60 TV networks in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia, and I was humbled to receive over 20 top design awards. My work has been featured in PAGE magazine, Computer Arts, and on Motionographer, among others.

Studio Owner

In 2011, my business partner and I launched a fast-growing motion design studio which we called Perfect Accident. In less than two years, we won multiple seven-figure contracts and worked hard to turn our boutique studio into what people might call an overnight success.

Being trusted to work on a strategic level with Germany’s national TV station, Das Erste, and China’s global TV network, CGTN, quickly expanded our reach. Oman TV trusted us with another seven-figure branding project and Astro, the jumbo Asian paid TV network, asked us to rebrand 50 of their TV channels in one swoop.


Business Coach

Eventually, I sold my shares and began to teach creative studios. I was thrilled to see my clients achieve similar results – to see these boutique studios winning dream clients and being trusted with million-dollar assignments.

My coaching career began in 2015 after I helped a fellow studio owner to secure and manage the global TV network branding and launch of Red Bull TV. When the word spread, more and more studio owners asked for my help.

Before teaching my ideas, I tested several approaches with my clients. I spent the last three years studying the intersection of selling and creativity from an in-depth, outside perspective, drawing on my experience from working in the arena, selling "brand direct" to high-ticket clients for 13 years. As part of the RevThink consulting team, I was helping studio owners in Europe to develop an internal infrastructure for selling their creativity.

Today, I coach studio owners in the U.S. and Europe through my own coaching program. I also serve as a mentor at the RMIT University of Melbourne, Australia.

Reach out via LinkedIn if you want to pick my brain over a beer or a cup of coffee. 
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