How to work with me

How to work with me


1. Month-by-month coaching

We'll solve specific problems like positioning, client acquisition, or operational management issues in weekly coaching sessions (in person or on the phone). Experience the benefit of an objective, outside perspective.


2. In-house workshops

I'll visit your studio and we'll go through a series of exercises and examples. We’ll talk about big-picture concepts and applicable tactics. Learn how to win your dream clients.

The workshops

The workshops

I offer custom tailored business development programs.

These interactive sessions are for studio founders and agency owners who want to scale, grow, or reach the next level, faster.

Workshop A

Selling Creativity


Qualify for your dream clients. The way you position, package, and offer value to your clients will determine how highly you're in demand, and the prices clients are happy to invest in you.

  • Learn business strategy for the creative industry
  • Discover how to clearly define and differentiate your creativity
  • Understand how to break through to the next level
  • Discover obvious blue ocean markets
  • Understand your value and how to get clients to pay for it
  • Learn how to get in front of decision makers 

Workshop B

Working brand-direct


From design studio to strategic agency to expert advisory. Bigger budgets, better projects, and higher profits. Working directly with top brands is the holy grail for any creative business. Or is it? 

  • Understand what it means to work brand direct
  • Learn how to sell high-ticket relationships
  • Discover how to implement and offer a strategy-focused process
  • Learn how to lead clients through a transformation
  • Discover how to win over clients in first meetings
  • Learn how to write winning proposals and negotiate without lowering the price or expanding the scope

New workshop coming soon

Selling internationally


Break into new markets. Different cultures have different expectations. What works in Europe (reducing risks) is not your best option in the U.S. or Asia.

  • Understand the nuances of selling creativity in different cultures
  • Discover how you can leverage your outside position
  • Learn how to increase your chances of successfully breaking into new markets

Stop playing small

If you're serious and ready to get to the next level, then let's talk and discuss how I can help you to make that leap. 

»But hiring a coach seems like a serious investment.«

Yes, it's an investment. But it's less than what you'd spend on a freelance artist. With coaching, you'll invest in your business and your future. Don't you want to invest in a better future? 

»It sounds like what we need, but we don't have the time to do this.«

I get it. You’re busy working on projects. But you’ll never find the right moment to make this change. The simple truth is, successful studios will do it now and achieve great results before others even get started. Learning to sell your creativity is the best investment you can make in your business.

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Marko is part of the RevThink family
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