I'm your coach and this is how we'll work together

I'm your coach and this is how we'll work together

I'm your coach and this is how we'll work together

I'm your coach and this is how we'll work together

I'm your coach and this is how we'll work together

I offer a custom-tailored business development program for studio founders and agency owners who want to reach the next level, fast. It’s all you’ll need to win your dream clients. 

The full program takes about 8 weeks including weekly touchstone sessions.

Step 1

Creative studio audit

We start with a half-day workshop and audit your creative firm. You talk, I listen. We'll find your weak spots, reveal your current state and future goals and evaluate your resources. You'll walk away with some first specific suggestions.

Step 2

In-house workshops

8 weeks of coaching. You'll learn the process of how to win your dream clients and receive weekly exercise and worksheets to move you forward. We'll tackle specific problems like positioning, client acquisition, or sales conversations and negotiation. 

Step 3

Implementation guidance

Weekly touchstone calls. You'll experience the benefit of an objective, outside perspective. I'll be your trusted guide and help to implement the results of our exercises. 

Step 4

Performance review

We'll make sure that you have a working, long-term strategy for your studio. About six months after completion of the program, we'll get back together, and examine your progress and do necessary adjustments.

Stop playing small

If you're serious and ready to get to the next level, then let's talk and discuss how I can help you to make that leap. 

»Is it expensive? Hiring a coach seems like a serious investment.«

Yes, it's an investment. But it's less than what you'd spend on a freelance artist. With coaching, you'll invest in your business and your future. Don't you want to invest in a better future? 

»Sounds great, we'll do it another time.«

No, you won't. You'll procrastinate. I've seen it over and over again. You'll bookmark this site, waiting for the perfect moment to come when you have more time and money at your disposal. I get it; you're busy working on projects. But here's the point; if you don't get help now, you'll never have the time nor the money. My advice? Take action now and reap the first rewards in a few months or even weeks. There won't be a better time. Get in touch; it will be the best decision you make this year.

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