Audi Q3

World Premiere at the Shanghai Motor Show


To promote the 2nd world premiere of Audis Q3 at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show. 

To stand out from the competition, by maintaining Audis artistic brand–image approach and promoting all technical features.


It has a strong artistic approach and tells the story about the cars specific new features such as a new lighting system, a light-weight construction and automatic connectivity features with GPS support, etc. 


My Role: Concept, Design & Animation; Client: Audi AG, Germany; Executive Team: Jastina Arshad, Rob Middelton & Meifei Lee; Agency: tisch 13, Germany; Design Studio: Peter Pedall, Germany; Year: 2011; Creative Direction: Peter Pedall; Creative Team: Peter Pedall, Axel Flachenecker, Marko Pfann