astro, Malaysia

Definitely a bold task to accomplish!

Branding 35 TV-Channels

The task was nothing less than redesigning and aligning all of Astros Flagship Channels for the Pan-Asian Market.

The variety reaches from english to malay channels, several indian channels as well as arabic and chinese tv-stations.

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The Deliverables

We were hired to rebrand 35 of astro's own channels with everything you would need for a great rebranding. We developed unique channel designs for each of those 35 channels, and aligned them under one "graphical umbrella" to  make sure, they would in a magical way still fit together, also you could not have more variety across the channel designs.

We then assisted astro's brand itself with several marketing elements.

We also provided the TV-Box User Interface and developed the print relevant branding elements such as more than 1000 Logos and Icons.

Last but not least, we delivered the full CI-Guidelines for the On- and Off-Air communication as well as script-to-finish campaign concepts for the channels. 

Because I was the lead artist on this task and also delivered the pitch, my biggest challenge soon became handling 35 channel redesigns and a review on the major brand itself.

During this time, I performed as the creative director and as the lead artist on this project. I was directing up to 30 of our designers. It all became a beautiful success–story with a more than happy client.

The consistent communication with channel managers, different departments, and cultures was my biggest and brightest experience ever.

Obviously, we had to overcome diverse perception, different demands, as well as various re-briefings during this period. I successfully mastered this task by active listening, a lot of negotiating and encouraging persuasion. 

We cooperated with Malaysia's branding specialist OVA on the global strategy and refreshing "astros" brand communication materials. 

The Channels

Pan Asia
Citra, AWANI, Astro Arena, Astro Bella, Ceria, Oasis, Prima, RIA, TVIQ, Astro Supersport, Tutor TV UPSR, Tutor TV PMR, Tutor TV SPM, WARNA, MUSTIKA HD, MAYA HD, Astro Supersport Plus, Astro Best, Astro First, Astro Box Office, Astro On Demand;



"I met Marko at his previous company which we had hired to do an overall brand review of our platform (and over 50 channels) in Malaysia.

It may seem an odd choice to have a German look at Malaysian branding and execution but, when you're dealing with channels in 8 different languages, one more just adds to the fun.

My team and I were very impressed at how Marko seemed to get exactly what we were after right from the start. He's the not a close minded 'this is my genius and you can't change it' designer. He's very open to input, actually demands it from the highest authority right down to the tea lady.

He took all of that, filtered it through his design genius brain machine and came out with both platform and channel designs that fit so well together, but easily stood on their own.

Most importantly, they all had room to grow. You could see the possibilities of the next stages... where/how they would work. It's not easy to please everyone here. I've never succeeded and I've been here several years. Marko did it in a few months."

Rob Middleton
Vice President Network Presentation at Astro Malaysia

My Role: Pitch Design & Pitch Concept, Creative Direction & Client Management; Client: Astro, Malaysia; Executive Team: Jastina Arshad, Rob Middelton & Meifei Lee; Agency: Perfect Accident; Year: 2012-2014; Art Direction: Elisa Krenz, Ines Borras; Lead Artists: Elisa Krenz, Ines Borras, Marko Pfann; Creative Team: Sebastian Onfuszak, Stefanie Reinhart, Elisa Krenz, Ines Borras, Katharina Alesik, Christiane Scheibe, Dina Saleem, Adrienne Matu, Timo Böse, Monika Rohner, Silke Siehler, Lasse Clausen, Michael Dolfen, Simon Nagl, Marta Rumszauer, Tim Schenk, Ruppert Maurer, Wiebke Pforr, Martin Kett, Ron Weaver, Sebastian Irrgang, Alexander Matthäi, Marco Schmidt, Heike Mauer, Janett Bergner, Florian Böck, Benno Verschüren, Jörg Fuchs, Iris Engler, Marko Pfann

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