Alif Alif TV

Enlightened by the first word spoken

Alif - the first word spoken is the first spark, it´s inspiration and enlightenment to all mankind. A statement in itself.

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To provide a modern, Arabic style by applying western designs and not to loose the Arabic understanding of design and tradition.

The Strategy

We combined graphic–design and life–action footage with the desire for light through reflecting facettes of diamonds and the prismatic light breaks. 

Staging the life-action footage within the abstract and graphical world was the key to tell a successful story about enlightening the precious nature.

The Solution

Alif, alif means to see the light, be touched by light, not only in a spiritual way, but in everyday life. It´s a medium to approach a modern yet respectful view to the Saudi Arabian culture and values. 

The solution was a highly innovative On-Air design for the Arabian market but also valued its tradition.

My Role: Pitch, Concept & Design; Client: Alif Alif Media Company, Saudi Arabia; Agency: velvet, Munich; Year: 2011; Creative Direction: Patrick Seelinger; Producer: flintskallen; Creative Team: Stefanie Reinhart, Patrick Seelinger, Marko Pfann

This January, I will be speacking at the CATALYST 2018 | Amsterdam event hosted by /REVTHINK/.