The results 

The results 

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What my clients have to say

We weren’t sure if Marko’s the right fit for us

But within 30 minutes, Marko helped us to overcome a major roadblock that was holding us back from getting to the next level. We ended up rethinking our internal structures and unlocked uninvested potential. HearDis! — Stuttgart

We didn’t expect much from coaching

Operating out of Chișinău Moldova, we wanted to break into the U.S. market. We didn't think that coaching would help us much, but Marko surprised us. As part of RevThink, he helped us, to better communicate our value. We ended up attracting high-ticket clients. Brazilero — New York

Surely, Marko’s concepts won’t work in our market

That’s what I thought. But his ideas worked. It quickly became obvious why our studio was stuck and how his concepts would help us to advance our business. Amigo — Chișinău

It surely felt risky 

We didn’t want to lose our clients by repositioning our studio. But within a matter of weeks, we shifted from low-budget clients to working on challenging assignments for big brands. Riift Studio — Chișinău 

»Marko’s coaching is a mixture of therapy and business development boot camp for agency owners, and creative studio founders who are feeling stuck.«

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