Below are two products I am working on.

The book will set you up to win more and better clients. And the course teaches you secrets on pitching creative projects. 

 Both will be launched in 2018 

Coming in May 2018.

This book will help you to win more and better projects.

Ever wondered why other creatives get the “good” clients? Why they get the big projects and demand all the attention?

Why can they charge a fortune and others not? They can’t be that much better, can they? 
This book goes beyond the obvious challenge of selling your art and skills as a service but explains how to make a true impact on your clients and their business.

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Launching in August 2018.

How would it feel to  win that next pitch  without all the risk, hustle and uncertainty?

This course is designed to win you more pitches.

Winning the right pitch can be a turning point in your studios' existence. This course will help you to navigate the obstacles of creative pitches and get you to the next level.

Great clients will make an impact in your studio. Make sure to invest in your studios future by simply signing up for the course.

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»Winning that pitch might just be the  overnight success  you are waiting for.«

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This January, I will be speacking at the CATALYST 2018 | Amsterdam event hosted by /REVTHINK/.