That's me…

I am a father and husband, a designer and writer and a teacher as well as a friend.

I love to design, to write, to teach, to go on long runs in the mountains, and I love my family.

I know that success depends on perspectives, situations and your stage in life. I also know that success is a team sport.

I believe that success depends on two resources, time and persistence. Success wants to be earned and needs space to flourish. I believe that no-one is entitled to success and that anybody has the responsibility to become successful.  

I am committed to serving people, being humble and respectful. Working hard and earning success. 

I want you to achieve whatever success means to you and your craft while helping others on their way. I want to help you and other creatives to become the best creatives you all can be.

I am excited to serve you, and I want our interaction to be your best experience of your day!

Join me every Sunday for my weekly journal called creative-insight were I talk about creative success and how we can all level up by taking responsibility for success.