Kind words...

...from the people I have worked with over the years. 

ASTRO, Malaysia

» I met Marko at his previous company which we had hired to do an overall brand review of our platform (and over 50 channels) in Malaysia.

It may seem an odd choice to have a German look at Malaysian branding and execution but, when you're dealing with channels in 8 different languages, one more just adds to the fun.

My team and I were very impressed at how Marko seemed to get exactly what we were after right from the start. He's the not a close minded 'this is my genius and you can't change it' designer. He's very open to input, actually demands it from the highest authority right down to the tea lady.

He took all of that, filtered it through his design genius brain machine and came out with both platform and channel designs that fit so well together, but easily stood on their own. Most importantly, they all had room to grow. You could see the possibilities of the next stages...where/how they would work. It's not easy to please everyone here. I've never succeeded and I've been here several years. Marko did it in a few months. « 

Rob Middelton
(Vice President Network Presentation, Astro Malaysia)

DMI, Dubai

»These days whenever we land a tough, interesting, and challenging job, I find myself saying to my team, "what we need is a Marko!"
I met Marko when i approached Velvet on behalf of my sovereign entity client. We needed a creative job done that would set the client's new broadcasting project apart from everything else that was out there or even yet to come. We gave Marko and the team very little by way of a brief, and even less by way of time to complete the job. The job was done, exceeding our expectations. Marko led his team through long days and nights of working creatively, systematically, and very efficiently. Importantly, Marko's positive attitude and pleasant manner ensured everybody worked together with commitment and passion. «

Cyba Audi
(Founder of Saba Consultants, Dubai UAE) 


DMI, Dubai

» I had the pleasure of working with Marko on a most testing project; for a client that kept moving not just the goalposts but the playing field! Throughout the process, Marko was engaged, helpful and, best of all, imaginatively creative.

Of course, creativity alone is not enough: the ability to implement (within budgets of time and money) is just as crucial. And it is here that Marko truly excelled.

His attention to detail is second to none, his commitment to a project admirable, and his patient manner makes him a pleasure to work with. «

Ward Edmonds
(Managing Director, TrateMedia Dubai, Dubai UAE)  

Oman TV

» I had the great pleasure of working with Marko whilst I was at TBWA as group director of business development. He was a senior design lead on a high profile partner project (country television broadcaster) and was visionary when assisting the TBWA creative team with developing the brand and TV channels identity for the client. We worked together in Munich and Muscat and to be honest I can not recommend him highly enough. He is collaborative, creative, innovative and a thoroughly nice guy. «

Callum Hoy
(General Manager, Frame Qatar) 


Oman TV

» I have worked with Marko on multiple occasions, and it was always a great experience. Marko is a passionate creative who shows full dedication to every project and aspect of his job. His attention to details is only matched by his creative input, ability to get to the essence of ideas and organizing the work into a flawless delivery. Working with Marko on complicated projects across different countries was always a pleasure, not only because of his professionalism but also his unique and pleasant character. He is a team player and has the ability to make everyone feel they belong to one team. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Marko again in the future. « 

Samer Lahoud
(Creative Director at Havas Worldwide, Dubai UAE)

Sky, Germany

» Marko hat mich und meine Teams sowohl als Dienstleister mit Perfect Accident, als auch als Freelancer und kurzfristig als Urlaubsvertretung für einen Abteilungsleiter unterstützt und wir bei Sky Creative Services haben ihn immer gerne erneut engagiert. [...]

Sein Talent und Führunsqualitäten sind hier bei Sky sehr geschätzt und wir hätten ihn sehr gerne für uns gewinnen wollen. «

Daniela Kuehn
(Creative Director, Sky Germany) 

Christiane, a former team member

»It is great fun to work with Marko. He is an inspiring leader that gets out the best of you, a listener, a maker, a problem-solver. He fights hard for the best ideas and his team, solid as a rock when the stress-level rises, and cares about the perfect final result as much as the well-being of his teammates.«

Christiane Scheibe
(Freelance Art Director,