Marko teaches design studios the art of the creative sale.

Official Bio

Hi, I am Marko Pfann —My insights on pitching, branding and winning high-ticket clients stem from 15 years in the creative. As a designer, creative director and finally as a studio owner, I was serving high-value clients.

Over the years, I helped major brands to launch more than 60 tv-channels in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Billions around the world have seen my work.

On behalf of my clients, I collected more than 20 top-notch design awards. My work has been published on Motionographer, in the PAGE Magazine and in the PromaxBDA Brief, and on many more occasions.

I am known for actionable advice and always focus on results for my clients. I am proud that I have been able to prove my ROI consistently. My winning pitch-deck won multiple seven-figure pitches for me and my clients and even an assignment to brand 50-tv stations at once. 

After leaving my studio, I transcended into the consulting niche. Today, I teach up-and-coming creative studios in Europe and the US to sell their ideas and run widely profitable creative businesses.

As a branding expert and sales consultant, I help design studios to win dream clients, to build their brand and let them stand out in a saturated market space full of extraordinary competitors.

You'll find me at Lake Tegernsee in the mountains near Munich, Germany.

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This January, I will be speacking at the CATALYST 2018 | Amsterdam event hosted by /REVTHINK/.