Your portfolio fails its purpose. Here is how you use Pain Points to attract Clients.

Your Take-Away:  
Winning clients is easy. Simply address their pain points BEFORE offering solutions.

We love our portfolio websites. After all, we have some awesome artwork to display. Of course, we want people to know what we are capable of. Unfortunately, showcasing our creative excellence might just turn away profitable clients.

Creative excellence confuses clients. Clients can’t transfer our excellence to their pain points. Instead, they expect us to tell them how we can solve their problems. Solving their problems is fundamental to clients. Not how great we are. That comes later. If ever.

We assume clients know the solution they need. And we expect them to make the transfer from their pain-points to our solutions. From their problem to our artwork. And if that is not already enough, we also expect them to call us. We seriously expect clients to tell us how we can help them with the things we do (our expertise). 

If you struggle to get attention from profitable clients, it might be because you don't give them what they want. In which case, you become invisible to them.

Look, I am not saying that we shouldn’t present our artwork. We need to. Clients need to confirm your expertise. But we need to frame it differently.

Here is the quick-fix.

Try this: From the moment clients come to your website, deliver a relevant context to the problems you solve. Forget the awards you received, don’t show beautiful pictures on your front page. Instead, tell people how they will benefit from you. This needs to be the first thing clients learn about you when entering your site. Not how great you are, but how you can help them.

Next, frame all your projects this way:

On your case-studies, start explaining every project with the PAIN POINT. Talk about why clients came to you and what problems they had. Make such pain points relevant in your titles and the first few sentences.

Now, and only now show you artwork. Because you presented a pain-point, you made the artwork relatable to your clients.

To add even more value to your clients, always end with some benefiting results. You could explain how far your message reached out. Or how many people interacted with your campaign. A simple testimonial from your clients, stating that you helped to increase their business is even better.

This all provides the clarity on what we do to our clients. This clarity is the validation clients seek when browsing our websites. The validation they need to call us.

Winning clients is easy. Simply address their pain points BEFORE offering solutions.

How you convert clients and how you win customers for our business is what I will teach you in the next couple of weeks. It is what I am writing a book about (check it here).

Get started by checking out last week's article dealing with your 'Mission Statement', here.

Next week we talk about what clients truly want. I will serve you the competitive advantage you are looking for.

This January, I will be speacking at the CATALYST 2018 | Amsterdam event hosted by /REVTHINK/.