Once spirit strikes, act on it!

Are you putting your spirit on hold, hoping to be on hand, once you take the time to pursue your dreams? Once you cleared your schedule! Do you believe that this point will come?

Let me tell you the whole purpose of life in a nutshell. A message I learned the hard way:

    All there is is progress.

After dropping off my daughter at kindergarten today, I was getting depressed looking at the tasks I had to accomplish. There was nothing meaningful nor challenging. And suddenly, just when I turned into our driveway, it happened.

Like inspiration, spirit is hasty. You recognise it because something wants you to feel it. This tense energy, which just is. It will leave before you know. Take your chance and go for it.

    Yes, you probably have to leave your comfort zone

And that’s just what I did. I took my paper notebook and started to work on my dreams, building my reality.

Pursuing your dreams while keeping up with your day to day demands is hard work, but ask yourself what the alternative would feel like!

Spirit as well as inspiration won’t come by chance, and it is nothing that comes from outside, neither can it be found outside. It is inside; it comes from within. Spirit provides that extra bit of courage and motivation, that little spark which gets you started. Something is telling you to take action, now.

The good news is:

    Something wants us to achieve our destiny, to grow, to progress, and to finally reach our means by becoming the person we are intended to become.

There will be baby steps in the beginning. But trust me, trust yourself and trust the progress. Once you build up momentum, you will walk, you will run, and when you need to, you will even sprint. However, realise that no-one succeeds overnight. NO-ONE.


You are meant to walk your path. You own that road, you and only you can build your destiny. Enjoy the ride and be gentle with others.

To summarise, when inspiration strikes don’t hesitate. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. A new universe might open to you behind the next door. There is nothing more full-filling in life than to pursue your dreams, find your way, and become the person you are meant to be all along.

Don’t hesitate. Don’t let anyone tell you which path to choose. Everyone has a different destiny; a different route to a different destination; everyone is meant to become a different person.

Following footsteps of other people won’t lead you to your goal.

You will wind up in places and situations you are not meant to be. You will feel empty because it won’t be full-filling to you. Getting in and getting out of these situations will exhaust you. You will hear you saying “I need a vacation”, or you’ll buy that new shiny car. You will try to fill the emptiness, or you’ll keep yourself busy so you won’t have to realise the simple truth, that you are walking on someone else’s path.

Realising this would mean, to confront yourself with reality. Accepting to be in the wrong spot, to go back and to pursue your dreams again.

So, when spirit strikes go all in. Spirit is your inner-self talking to you. Your inner-self is trying to connect, trying to give you a direction.

Not realising this simple truth would mean to post-bone taking action. Why don’t you sleep over it? It is too much hustle now; you can always do it some other day when the timing is better, right?

NO, you just can’t! It is always hard to take action, but it takes a whole lot more if there is no momentum at hand. You will end up following the advice of other people’s opinions about what you should do. You are going to look for the short cut, which only gets you deeper into the woods.

It took me 37 years and a lot of obstacles, ups and downs to get this simple message. Spirit stroke today, I was lucky to be aware enough to take action. Now, after taking action, more than ever, I feel the urge to become the person I meant to be. It feels great.

Time will tell if I will build up the momentum to go all in. I will pursue finding my path, to walk the walk, and to accomplish my destiny.

• • •

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