Failure comes first

When pressure rises, some of us turn into diamonds, while other’s break apart.

Remember Thomas Edison?

‘When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.’
–Thomas Edison on inventing the light bulb

The sad thing is that not everyone gets to be a diamond. Not every pressure can be withstood, and life will eventually break all of us.

But, don’t worry about breaking; about failing. Don’t be the diamond, don’t fall for the false promise of perfection, which leads to procrastination.

Only if you accept failure, if you accept to be broken, you can focus on healing the joints and rise even stronger. You will learn, you will improve, and eventually, you will succeed. I promise.

It is not IF we will fail, but HOW WE DEAL WITH FAILURE, which lays the path to the future.

As designers, we know that our success is built upon failures. Many of them. Any project is built upon iterations and countless misguided attempts. By eliminating opportunities, we finally accomplish what we were asked to do. We understand that, and still, we expect it to be perfect by the first draft.

In our work, we know that avoiding failure will ban progress. But in the bigger picture of our professions, we often miss the fact that progress is the only way to success. No one makes their first steps as a toddler without failing first and improving later. We won’t learn the skill of design or master the art of writing without countless iterations, without many failures, first.

Failing is not bad, but we make it so. 
It is the expectation of not failing at all, that will finally break our efforts. Worse procrastination will break our character.

Go for it, show your work; it won’t break you. Accept to fail early and do it often. Get feedback and improve.

Avoid stagnation and procrastination due to the falls commitment on perfection. Learn from your actions and expect to progress. Failure is what moves you forward.

Failure is the creative process. It is by failing that we progress where others stagnate.

Now, you know the path to success. But you still fail. Read this to find out why you avoid success.

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