Expect to bend reality!

I expect my spouse to understand, my daughter to laugh, to learn and to grow, my friends to support and my clients to challenge me. But most of all, I expect myself to succeed.

Expectations, if set high can encourage your kids to life up to what you believe of them. If set low or not at all, it might just ruin their spirit and enthusiasm. It will even damage the relationship.

We expect because we need a prediction of reality into the future. A plan we can operate on. Fixpoints for the future that tell us how things are going to be and how people will behave.

According to this, any first interaction already sets expectations on both sides and defines the relationship, and therefore the future.

So expectations are our personal predictions for the future of reality.

Does this mean we will bend reality, even create it?

Well, yes! Maybe. Our expectations, if focused on actions and behaviours will indeed challenge reality, and if we are persistent enough, it will bend reality, sometimes even create it after our imagination.

And that is great because expectations give us the chance to trade now for later and to predict the future we want to accomplish.

But they are obligations, too.
To raise someone's expectations and then not fulfil them is probably the most disappointing thing there is!

So when you step into a relationship, expect the best. But also, be expected to give the best and be measured by the results.

After all, you are building your future.

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