What clients truly want is… Clarity.

Your Take-Away:  
The value proposition of great design studios is clarity. Clarity is the service they sell, and it is what clients pay a premium for.

The purpose of design is to clarify client's services or products for consumers. We are expected to carve the value out of any product, service or message and make it accessible to users. 

We all know that a clear design is more likely to be acted on. And this is what clients ask us to provide. They want their product, service or message appeal to their customers. And it is our task to translate any benefits or promises to those customers. 

Imagine a book. One that you recently bought, and like. I imagine that it has an interesting idea or story that you feel attracted to. But for you to notice the book, its message, its essence needs to be reflected in its appearance; in its cover. 

Sure, many people helped to create this book out of thin air. Starting out, the author only had a vague idea. Editors and other people helped him to cut away the nonsense, to form a story or to strip the message down to its core. Together they shaped to content to be attractive and accessible to a specific audience. 

But as we all know, the value of a book lies within. The ideas the author tries to get across and to help or entertain others. This is the message, the essence we are craving to extract when reading books.

Still, a book would never reach its audience if its message is not reflected appealingly in its appearance. It needs to become accessible to others. By designing a book's cover, the designer is translating the essence onto an easy to grasp image. They set an expectation and something people can judge its content on. 

And if the design is done correctly, we should indeed be able to judge a book and its content by its cover. 

When clients approach us, this is what they expect of us. They have a message or a product that they want to appeal to an audience. 

A cover artist extracts the message out of such a book and transfers a clear picture of its essence onto a cover. And that is what any designer is expected to do for his clients. Designers are expected to clarify the purpose, the message or an idea of a product or service to a particular audience. 

'Your ability to carve out the value and to clarify the message of your client's products is what sets us apart from our competition.' 

Look at your idols or heroes and your favorite design studios. You will see, that what they have achieved more than anything else is to clearly extracting and delivering value in some form. 

Great creatives and studios provide clarity through their designs. That is the service they sell. That is what clients pay a premium for.

In the coming weeks, you will receive more insights on what clients truly want from us creatives. Every insight can immediately influence your business. But none of it has to do with our creative excellence.

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